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Healthy Vending Machines Akron Even nutritionists tell us it's OK for most people to enjoy sweet and savory snacks & beverages beyond water so long as we don't overdo it. Thankfully, it's become much easier to eat healthier for several reasons. Many quality-minded manufacturers have developed better ways to prepare products without sacrificing taste. We have an extra advantage at Joyce Vending because of our in-house commissary, which prepares a variety of fresh food daily.

As a result of these developments, we can enjoy many different snacks & beverages with less sugar, fat, cholesterol, and sodium, including the ever-popular trail mix varieties, baked chips, and nutrition bars. Our fresh salads, fruit, vegetables and sandwiches are always on the menu and our beverage selections include items like juices, flavored & vitamin-enhanced waters, teas, sports drinks and even zero-calorie sodas!

We know you have a choice in vending and office coffee service providers. Let us prove to you that Joyce Vending is the best choice! We service the greater Akron area and surrounding communities. Please call us at 330.733.6800 or email us at to learn more.

Beverages Snacks Food
Bottled Waters Trail Mixes Soups
Assorted Juices Fruit Snacks Sandwiches
Vitamin Water Animal Crackers Fresh Fruit
Assorted Teas Vegetable Chips Fresh Wraps
Natural Sodas Organics Bars Yogurt
Milk Granola Bars Fruit Salad

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